Snapchat’s Addictive Features We All Love!


Snapchat app has some truly entertaining and addictive features that we absolutely love. The users of the Snapchat application swear by these features they cannot live without. Here are some of the best ones! Snapchat features are: Chat, Lenses, Fliters, Stories and Discover.

Chat: The chat feature allows users to send self-destructive messages to one another. They are called so because these messages disappear within seconds. You must know your friend’s name to be able to send the message.

Lenses: If you are feeling mischievous try out the lenses feature to augment your selfies with special effects like animated butterflies, floral hair wreaths, and cartoon dog ears.

Fliters: This awesome tool allows users to make their photos come alive with stickers or images. The Snapchat filters based on an individual’s location is known as geofilter. So, if you live in a particular geographical location, you will find special stickers inspired by that city’s culture.

Stories: With this amazing feature, Snapchat users can create a string of images and videos to tell their unique story. The images disappear after sometime so users frequently check their friend’s stories.

Discover: This is where you will find news and entertainment stories by reputed companies. It gives people an editorial view of life at Snapchat app.

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