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Snapchat now allows users to search through its public “Our Stories” for stories. However, this has made Snapchat a database networking sites – like Twitter and Facebook rather than an ordinary social network site that allows only people, you follow to share content. With this new feature, Snapchat becomes a stronger competitor to YouTube and Twitter.

However, this feature added makes Snapchat a place where people will spend much time, unlike before where a large number of people will spend little time. As part of the way to make Snapchat Messenger an interesting place for users, the company updated some of its rules early this year. Content generated by users will stay longer on the site, unlike before when it only has 24 hours lifespan.

The company’s spokesperson confirms that snaps submitted by users to “Our Stories” can now appear in the search features for up to weeks and even months.

How does Snapchat Stories work?

Recently, the company enables a feature that allows users to submit various events to “Our Story” so that everyone can see it from everywhere and at all time. Although this feature is the best, but it is becoming harder to categorize it under Our Stories by the human curators. For this reason, Snapchat device a system that group the snaps submitted to “Our Story” using an algorithm to read the time, visual element and caption texts that come with the snaps.

For example, the system can easily use machine-learning vision to recognize the shapes of watches from visual elements – videos and photos – or pull out snaps with “Watch” or “Wristwatch” in the caption texts. However, this allows the system to categorize the snaps under “Our Story” and it will come up when users search using the keywords.

Snap says this feature is a way to make things easy for both of us – the content curator and the users. The users can now easily use a keyword to search for what they want, unlike before when they need to manually search for what they want.

Snap promise to keep improving on this system so that it will be easy to categorize submitted snaps. Possibly, the company may include a system that will be able to recognize background music or voices.

According to the latest information gotten, the feature is scheduled to be tested among some selected group of people in the United States before it is made public.

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