Snapchat is Changing the Way you Watch Snaps and Add Friends


Tired of holding down a finger to view a snap? Take a breath now because Snapchat is about to change the entire game yet again. No more hustle to hold down the scroll button to view stories and is now a single tap and you get access to watch or zoom a story.

The Snapchat CEO emphasized this change at the code conference. The CEO laid emphasis on the embarrassment of holding a finger for long to view a snap. However, holding one’s finger has been the norm of viewing snaps. Snapchat brings a new way of watching stories with comfort. To stop this tiring move, you will now have to drag your finger down the screen.

Moreover, Snapchat is adding two more utilities of adding friends. It starts with a nearby add function. This feature generates a list of everybody in the surrounding and the menu as well. To add friends, you only need to tap their username in the menu. The username of a friend will only appear in the Add nearby menu if you are within the menu of the app. The alternate way to add friends is to use images of Snapchats or some QR codes generated in your camera. There are snap codes like BooR codes that when scanned with a Snapchat camera adds the person. If a scan code appears on the menu, and you feel like you want to add it, you only need to screenshot it. This is enabled when you open the Snapchat and select “add by snap key.”

Snapchat keeps in emphasizing and developing its QR codes. It’s possible to customize your codes right from the app. When you tap on the QR code the front camera open and you get a bunch of file snapshots. An animation of your favorite face will appear in the loop any time you pull down your info page to share your QR code with a friend. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to export it as a GIF or a video file. However, you can export the first frame of the animation as a still image.

It’s amazing to see how snapshot brings fundamental changes in the form snaps are used today. Probably people will turn out in large numbers and also spend much time watching stories. Thanks to the snap technology. We now have guaranteed to have watch snaps with no hurdles of holding your thumbs down to watch a story.

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