Snapchat Debuts its Desktop Camera App

Over the past few years, the innovative socializing app Snapchat has been introducing a variety of new and improved features and services that meet the needs of different customers and users. Hence, the Snapchat platform recently announced that a new desktop app, that allows the users to benefit from the Snapchat unique lenses through many live-steaming apps and services, will be presented to the users in the upcoming weeks.

The new Snapchat program “Snap Camera” is indeed an innovative move by the yellow platform to expand its presence through the integration with other apps and social websites. The users will be able, through the “Snap Camera” app, to deploy the lenses of Snapchat through many apps such as Skype, YouTube and Zoom; the lenses of Snapchat, with the debut of the new camera app, will be used through many live streaming sessions and whilst chatting and video calling with others as well.

Snap Camera App

After the famous lenses of the Snapchat app achieved a decently big success since its inauguration on the yellow platform, the developers at the company started some new plans to benefit from the success and increase the availability of the lenses on other live-streaming and video calling apps. Frankly speaking, Snapchat has been suffering from the decrease of the number of its fans, even with its regular updates and improvements – the platform lost about two million users in the last few months – which as a result prompted the company to benefit from the huge number of its lens creators by forming new partnerships with other apps and services. Reportedly, the “Snap Camera” app is going to be available for both Mac and Windows versions thus allowing the customers to try out the different lenses easily via the app.

Snapchat ideas

An officials at the Snapchat company stated that the app is indeed looking for new ways in order to expand the presence of the famously unique lenses and to give the huge number of the lens creators associated with Snapchat the opportunity to display and show their innovative ideas, not only through the yellow app but also through the partnerships with other platforms and streaming services; according to the spokesperson, it’s a very unique idea to introduce the desktop users with the opportunity of trying out the Snapchat AR experiences which allows them to also examine its sufficiency and functionalism. Once the user installs the “Snap Camera” app, he’ll be able to choose the preferable lens from the immense variety of lenses available and use it in his live-steaming sessions or in video calling easily.

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