Have you Checked Out the Cool Snapchat Spectacles?


The Snapchat app has taken the social media by storm since its release in 2012 and this popular app now allows users to do lots more than just share videos or snaps. Recently, the company launched super stylish Snapchat Spectacles that you can wear and record short video clips using it. Now that’s a really cool invention every Snapchat lover wants to wear!

To start video recording, the user has to tap the button on the left-hand corner of the Snapchat spectacles. By doing so, both the camera and the LED lights will get activated letting people know that they are being videotaped.

The camera can record videos in ten second increments, and it can be activated several times to create a 30 minutes video. The recorded video can be downloaded instantly to Android or iPhone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. It can then be shared with friends and family members using the Snapchat app.

When you don’t have access to a smartphone, the footages will remain stored in the spectacles. Given the fact that the wide angle of the camera can capture videos in a circular manner, the video clips can be viewed either in portrait or landscape mode.

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