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Forbes recent use of Snapchat as a platform for their sixth annual “30 under 30” list is the very first time the publisher has ever released a major franchise ahead of its own magazine and website. Working closely with Snapchat on the endeavor, Forbes produced an experience that is sure to touch the younger, entrepreneurial audience.

Set live for forty-eight hours, the popup was included in the Discover section of Snapchat listing fifteen of the 600 entrepreneur’s names, with the full list being published on the very next day. Forbes is using the popup as a means of integrating elements of Snapchat into their mobile site in hopes of getting their content directly onto the social platform in the upcoming year while at the same time, not losing any ground on their own site. They recognize the fact that people are getting their news articles from many varied platforms these days and do not have to go directly to the source anymore. While Forbes already makes use of alternate platforms such as Facebook live, e-newsletters and podcasts, the hope that the new Snapchat feature will prompt more traffic to the website is an important one for the upcoming year. The feature is still in its infancy and all the determining factors have not yet come to light.

Negotiations between Forbes and Snapchat have been ongoing since Christmas of 2016, with no news yet as to whether or not anything has been solidified. Forbes does have a great deal of credibility and that is sure to stimulate some traffic so both entities are hopeful that the endeavor will be a successful one.

Direct publication by Forbes to other platforms can certainly be risky, as they are a bit more limited in their money-making ability, but at the same time, they want to be able to connect with younger audiences who might benefit from articles such as their “30 Under 30” list. Snapchat also has a history of making publishers make a specific type of content that be both expensive and heavy on labor so Forbes has decided to create content, which can also be reverse-published. The recent popup will also serve to be educational in the field of vertical video and what it can accomplish on their mobile site.

It is a possibility that if the project between Forbes and Snapchat prove successful that other major publishers will also begin to branch out as well.

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